Environmental & Noxious Weeds

Environmental weeds are a major threat to our natural environment.  They can smother indigenous vegetation, reduce habitat and displace native fauna.

If you are wanting more information on how you can control environmental and noxious weeds on your property, download the Mornington Peninsula Environmental and Noxious Weeds Guide (PDF, 2MB) which includes photos, descriptions and control methods for more than 70 weeds.

Additional information can be found on the Shire’s website Environmental & Noxious Weeds.

Weeds for which you should be especially alert are: Blackberry, Gorse, Ragwort, Bridal Creeper, Spear Thistle, Patterson’s Curse, Capeweed, Boneseed, Karamu, Ivy and Sweet Pittosporum as pictured below.

The removal of some weeds may require a planning permit. For more information see the Shire’s guide on vegetation removal.